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“Clover Transport our commitment to service and professional conduct has established our stable footprint in the Marine Transportation Industry”


Utilizing Clover Transport as your marine transport specialist will ensure your vessel arrives at its destination in the same condition as inspected at
the time of departure. With just a simple checklist many common transport issues can be avoided.

The following key points of inspection have proven effective for our clients over the years. As part of our commitment to our clients we offer the following detailed pre trip checklist for completion prior to the arrival of your assigned Truck and Operator.


There are many variables in preparing a vessel for transport. Always feel free to ask your agent any questions concerning your specific Vessel.

Boat Transportation Services

Clover Transport is a boat transport company that can get your boat or yacht to where it needs to be, quickly, affordably, and stress-free. Whether your vessel is simply traveling from your local lake or inlet to a Marina or cross country we ask that all items above deck and below be secured accordingly. Prior to shipment we recommend securing the following:

All/any items protruding beyond the hull line as well as any objects that could be damage during your Transport.

All Hatches should be reduced, latched and secured with tape to ward off leaks to avoid possible water damage.

All Cabin windows should receive the same treatment.

Below decks we encourage all parties to tape interior cabinet doors making sure to securely close all cabin doors and exterior doors.

Personal items from the cabin and any breakables should be stowed and /or packed in a fashion that would prohibit breakage much as if they were included in a home move.

Please be mindful that all overland carriers are governed by weight restrictions .While booking your reservation for yacht shipping or boat freight, you may hear our agents ask about additional property onboard as well as your vessels holds either , fresh, gray, black and fuel. Your vessel’s actual weight may also be quite greater than originally listed in the manufacturers specs.

Pre-existing damages and / or your vessel’s operating conditions. As part of our boat transportation services, your driver/ operator will complete a thorough inspection of the vessel. If you’re aware of a specific leak, Electrical issue ( specifically with master switches – House Batteries Etc. ) No Captain enjoys weak Batteries on delivery* please make mention at this time. Notating existing damages is a large portion of any Marine Inspection report and full photo arrays are taken.

Anchors and Plugs, Be sure to load and secure all chains in their intended lockers to avoid unnecessary damage(s) No Vessel will be transported or loaded with plugs intact. We recommend removing all plugs from ther hull (48 hours) prior to your scheduled load.

Exterior wrap is always a matter of choice for our clients, in as much, it is our responsibility to upkeep this wrap for the entirety of your haul. Our drivers will do small repairs and general maintenance should your wrap begin to delaminate or shred. ‘

Always note that the Operator has final say during transit. If a wrap begins to shred and endanger the public He or She can at any time remove the wrap either in partial or completely.

Documentation, Please provide your Driver with your vessel’s registration and recent inspection certificates upon loading. Be sure that your Operator has all keys to the Vessel should the Vessel require an inspection while en route.

Winterization, Please be mindful when your Vessel has been scheduled for long distance transport. It may be beautiful here in Florida at departure however while en route to its intended destination will it encounter sub freezing temperatures? Make sure your local service center provides winterization services! To inquire about our boat transportation services, fill out the form on our contact page. When you work with us for yacht shipping or boat freight, you have peace of mind knowing that your vessel will arrive at its destination in comfort and style.


Wood Hulls, Releases and other*.
Wooden Hulls are handled and reserved with one of our Marine Dispatch Managers Only. We enjoy our history and heritage and reserve these transports for our

Diamond Team members only

Once these steps have been completed we ask only for our clients to enjoy the photos provided while our operators haul your Vessel across our amazing country.

We appreciate all of our clients , smooth sailing to all and thank you for continuing to utilize Clover’s Marine Dispatch Team!

Call Today to begin the process of secure, expedited Marine / Yacht Transportation. We assure peace of mind throughout our transparent shipping protocol(s).

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Clover Transport is a fully licensed and bonded logistics company currently maintaining a full-service marine dispatch department based in the epicenter of Florida’s yachting community.


Clover Transport offers dedicated transportation services for all clients both domestic and international. Our agents are undoubtedly some of the most knowledgeable representatives specializing in International yacht transportation services.


Our mission is to provide full service marine transportation specializing in relocating vessels of any dimension. Our assurance to our clients is quality service , peace of mind concerning each and every aspect of your intended move.


Our staff will maintain constant and continued communication with all parties of interest throughout the entire process. From customs clearances, Insurances , permitting and shipping cradles or even seasonal shrink wrapping, Clover’s Marine Dispatch Department will safeguard your vessel with its seamless protocols.


Our team excels in expedited inland transportation services . Whether multi-unit dealer or manufacturer loads headed to our international Sea Ports, Clover’s Dedicated Marine Dispatch Center is available to its clients 24 hours a day.

Allow the “WE GET IT THERE” team at Clover Transport Checklist to assist in your transportation needs today.