Travel Trailer/5th Wheel


Travel Trailer Transport

Clover Transport offers professional and reliable travel trailer hauling nationwide and internationally. Before we show up for your scheduled RV transport service, take the time to prepare your vehicle for travel trailer transport to ensure safe and damage-free delivery. 


(From the outside in)

Antennas, Telescopic, Open array (T.V.), other

When preparing for RV trailer transport, Always start at the top. Remember that current manufacturer(s) of recreational vehicles are pushing the design envelope. In doing so they are approaching the legal and lawful dimensions of interstate transport. Lawful dimensions….(8.6’’ width x 13. 6’’ height) There are many other provisions concerning length and weight which, if necessary, one of our representatives will review in great detail. Height will always be a factor so please take your time in reducing all antennae to factory minimums.


The following advice concerns both power and manual devices. Be sure to completely retract all screening, canvases and coiling fixtures. Be sure to install all factory locking pins upon retraction. Remember, improperly secured awning will act as a sail while underway and can damage your property and endanger lives!

Windows, Vents, Screening

Be sure that all entrances are closed completely and all locks are in place. If any exterior screening appears loose or worn. We advise they be removed and stored safely within your unit during transport.

Cordage, Outlets

Fresh and Black Water lines Be sure to stow properly all external lines within your units lockers. Black water discharge lines (YOUR POOH SLINKY!) must be stowed in its intended reservoir. Your personal business shall always remain your personal business!

Landing gear

We are almost home. No matter the style or design, always retract landing gear completely. Remember, the earth is not flat. Our drivers constantly monitor their axis and departure angles. Low hanging landing gear can cause extreme damage to your property.

Running Gear

Please have the following information readily available. Our representatives will ask the maintenance history and the dates of installation concerning your units tires, hub and brake servicing, and bearing servicing. Frequently our representatives will request current photos of hub faces and tires. Clearly depicting your tire date codes. Remember all roads are not created equal. Your transport can only go as smoothly as your operating gear. Outside Prep Bottled gas no matter the variety or style of tank. Be sure that all couplers are fastened tightly. All bottled gas must be completely turned off prior to transport.

Interior Prep

(Roof vents, AC, heating systems) During travel trailer hauling, all equipment needs to be latched tightly and turned to their inoperable settings. We cannot control Mother Nature—and a wet home will not be a comfortable home.

Safety Check

When possible, connect your unit in advance to check side marker lights, brake lights, signal lights and tag lights. Our drivers will of course repeat this process upon load and inspection. Please alert your representative in advance if you’re unable to complete this step.

Window Treatments

Please lower all treatments regardless of style as the swinging weight of a raisedtreatment can and will cause interior damage.


From the gallery to the restroom. All loose shelved items must be secured or boxed as recommended prior to departure. I.E. glasses, dishes, bottles, toiletries, etc. Cabinets and pantries…all doors should close completely. If factory locking closures exist please fasten. If aftermarket closures exist please be aware of their operating function.


Whether single, Bi-powered or other, please be aware of spoilage. Our operators will not allow onboard power or gas to be enabled during travel trailer transport. 


Your mobile garage, toy hauler, or exterior cargo racks. We’re having fun now….Kayaks, bicycles, scooters, luggage, etc. These items are no doubt the best part of your trip and we all know that toys are expensive. Please assist our operator that these items are stored properly as we are not liable for damages of peripheral property that occur during a RV trailer transport. That said, we will do everything in our power to assist with the process.