Tiny House Transport

Tiny House Transport


The “We get it there” Team at Clover Transport fully understands that your tiny house will undoubtedly be one of your family’s most valuable assets. Whether a self-built /designed off-grid micro home or an oversized, over-dimensional design marvel, our in-house dispatch team has the industry knowledge to offer safe and seamless tiny house transport services to all of our clients both within the continental United States and internationally


Within just moments of contacting Clover’s in-house Dispatch Team our clients unanimously respond…”Wow, The attention to detail is amazing” and for good reason! We have the most versatile staff in the industry, composed of commercial drivers who understand routing plans, permitting , escort and pilot cars (Oversized Load Requisites) and why the mileage covered simply isn’t what may have just appeared on your Vehicle’s G.P.S. system.


We always start at the top when preparing homes for tiny home transport.  Remember that the current manufacturer(s) of Tiny Homes are pushing the design envelope. In doing so they are approaching the legal and lawful dimensions of interstate transport. Lawful dimensions….(8.6’’ width x 13. 6’’ one of our representatives will review in great detail. Height will always be a factor so please take your time in reducing all antennae and roof latches to factory height) There are many other provisions

concerning length and width which, if necessary will be outlined in detail by our staff*

We are almost home. No matter the style or design, always retract landing gear completely. Remember, the earth is not flat. Our drivers constantly monitor their axis and departure angles. Low hanging landing gear can cause extreme damage to your property.

Interior Prep (Roof vents, AC, heating systems) All equipment should be latched tightly and turned to their inoperable settings. Our tiny house movers encounter all types of weather hazards while transporting your home. Please lower all window treatments regardless of style as the swinging weight of a raised treatment can and will cause interior damage. These simple steps will ensure safe and unhindered transport. We cannot control Mother Nature—and a wet home will not be a comfortable home. 

Be sure that all entrances are closed completely and all locks are in place. If any exterior screening appears loose or worn. We advise they be removed and stored safely within your unit during transport.

Please have the following information readily available when booking for tiny house transport. Our representatives will ask the maintenance history and the dates of installation concerning your units tires, hub and brake servicing, and bearing servicing. Frequently, our representatives will request current photos of hub faces and tires. Clearly depicting your tire date codes. Remember all roads are not created equal. Your transport can only go as smoothly as your operating gear. 

From the gallery to the restroom. All loose shelved items must be secured or boxed as recommended prior to departure. I.E. glasses, dishes, bottles, toiletries, etc. Cabinets and pantries…all doors should close completely. If factory locking closures 

exist please fasten. If aftermarket closures exist please be aware of their operating function.

Whether single, Bi-powered or other, please be aware of spoilage. Our operators will not allow onboard power or gas to be enabled during transport.

All external lines including all Cordage, Outlets, Fresh and Black Water lines within your units lockers. Black water discharge lines (YOUR POOH SLINKY!) must be stowed in its intended reservoir. Your personal business shall always remain your personal business!

Bottled gas no matter the variety or style of tank. Be sure that all couplers are fastened tightly. All bottled gas must be completely turned off prior to  


When possible, connect your unit in advance to check side marker lights, brake lights, signal lights and tag lights. Our tiny house movers will of course repeat this process upon load and inspection. Please alert your representative in advance if you’re unable to complete this step. 

We’re having fun now….Kayaks, bicycles, scooters, luggage, etc.
These items are no doubt the best part of your trip and we all know that toys are expensive. Please assist our operator that these items are stored properly as we are not liable for damages of peripheral property. That said, we will do everything in our power to assist with the process.




 Our dispatch team is determined to provide a seamless and transparent tiny house transport experience. 

In as much, we will ask a series of questions most often overlooked by our competitors.

*A growing number of Tiny Home manufacturers are observing conditionally legal specific build guidelines in observance of Interstate Transport Dimensions set forth by the Department of Transportation.


At the maximum un-permitted height of 13ft 6in high, our tiny home movers are trained to look at overhead tolerances upon exiting major U.S. Highway and interstate systems. A great deal of communities within the U.S. do not consistently maintain overhead clearances on secondary arteries. 

There is no place like home and we need your intimate knowledge concerning the locations of both pick up and delivery. We will ask for basic knowledge and in some cases photos. In many cases we encounter low hanging tree limbs, power / utility lines or even a simple area of soft earth that may impede access.


Structural Integrity, have you noticed anything loose or delaminated? Simple items such as lifted shingles after a local thunderstorm are a huge indicator. We look at the ridge cap / ridge vent and of course drip edges and all leading edges for additional signs of potential issues while underway.

Always be mindful of the terrain your home will encounter. With highway towing speeds of 65 MPH your home will undoubtedly be put to the test. Our drivers understand wholly the issues that may arise during tiny home transport. We will do everything in our power to avoid unnecessary damages. 


We are only as good as our tires! Let’s play matchmaker* Do you know the actual Gross weight of your Tiny Home with it’s intended content? Many people are unclear about their model’s registered weights. Safety first. We will inquire about your unit’s listed axle weights as well as tire ratings and current age as well as state of wear. A clear example would be a Unit’s confirmed weight of 14,050 pounds. Perhaps the Unit is equipped with (2) two 6,000 pound axles. Was the unit engineered with high P.S.I. 18 ply tires to compensate? Again, our agents have all the knowledge so feel free to send them photos of tire faces or even the Units original build sheet.


While some tiny homes are designed with incorporated directional blinkers, brake lights etc. Many are not. In this case we must relay this information to your driver to ensure an auxiliary lighting and notification system is dispatched from the terminal. Your tiny home mover will carefully mount and install this system at the load site to ensure lawful and safe transport. Please note this as many tiny home transports are delayed by overlooking this issue. 


Braking systems certainly vary, in as much as we can accommodate and match the right power unit (Tractor) with any unit. Be aware that Highway Braking Laws do vary slightly from State to State. In some cases every trailer axle must be equipped with live Brakes and in others it’s simply 1 axle or even 2of three. We will ask for details while securing your reservation.


Safety Breakaways and Chains. Mounted at the hitch segment of your Tiny Home you may find three to four lengths of Chain/ Wire or other. These extensions play an incredible part in the safety of our Drivers, your Home and of course others on the roadway. We will always inspect these systems upon pick up however, if you notice your unit does not have breakaway chains let us know as we can and will provide temporary or permanent solutions.